Monday, May 30, 2005

wandering neurons

Cool wind was not just refreshing every soul, it was bringing more and more clouds with it. As i sat as pillion riding the bike, i was passing through MG Road and as i watched many Sari shops in one line. I thought when will the day come when i would buy any sarees for someone :-) Then i realised maybe never. Suddenly i felt that my eyes are blurred due to water. But alas it was rain droplets on my secondary eyes -specs, making my vision blurred. Then suddenly thoughts flew, when was the last time my tears ran down my cheeks. I just could not figure when was the last time. It was an interesting thought but was quickly broken by fierce blow of an horn making me realize that i was still on earth and that too stuck in traffic. But how neurons flew, i wish i could figure out these neuron flow. How they flow and interact and wish i could jam them up and then i could control the whole thought process. Need to flow more neurons for this. Would neurons allow me to do this. Sounds a bit ironical.