Saturday, August 27, 2005


its a overcast sky. even 10am looks like early 6am. resulting in being more lazy. watching the sky it returns a "grey" picture kind of summarising the confused state of present. as i put it to words from a closed room and now peeking a look again outside after putting aside orange curtain, i again see a dark picture.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

sightscene spot(s)

i'm just back to bangalore today and i felt like i've come here after 2-3 months, although it was just 10 days. but in any case i's not feeling out of place even a bit. but i thought of what happens when people take a bus tour of bangalore city. i would say they should include some new tourist sightseeing spots called traffic jams. traffic jam of airport flyover - from different angles-roads, of richmond road-hosur road - this has a different class of its own, jam at forum - koramangla crossing, here you might be able to see many pedestrian from different walks of life also involved while crossing. people blowing horn even after you see red signal wait time as 126seconds. blow blow blow.. peep peep don't sleep! are tourist officials listening, they should set up a nice schedule with BDA and banglaore traffic police. One friend suggested there would a day when whole traffic would become static and nobody would be able to move an inch. Waiting for that sight scene!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

mitti mein mil jana hai

me and my friend bansal were coming from residency road after i picked him up.
as usual richmond road was rich and full, full of wheels, big, small, huge... smoke and noise and honks. as we saw one guy writing on his laptop. simple ms word document opened and it looked like a script/writing for a book. we thought gyanesh has a rival.
interestingly this resulted in a conversation with the auto guy. he asked "ye computer hai kya?". we said yes in unison, "ye hai naya computer". auto guy was in truely awe as he admired this new kind of computer. apparently he had more questions, "iski tube ka kya".. i had some doubts so asked him - kya? he asked again - iski picture tube ka kya? i replied, ye naya computer hai, picture tube nahin dalti, alag screen hoti hai. and he agreed "oo ye cinema screen jaisa hai. ".
and continued - "duniya kahan se kahan pahunch rahi hai". .... later continued .. "aadmi kahan se kahan pahunch gaya hai, aadmi daud raha hai bhaag raha hai".. par aakhir hoga kya .."mittimein mil jana hai".
heavy thought as we moved ahead amidst honks and fresh smoke.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

kisi mausam ka jhonka tha
jo is deewar par latki huyi tasveer tirchhi kar gaya hai
gaye saawan mein ye deewarein seeli nahin thi
na jaane kyun is dafa inmein seelan aa gayi hai, daraarein pad gayi hain
aur seelan is tarah behti hai jaise khushk rukhsar par gile aansu chalte hain

ye baarish gungunati thi ... isi chhat ki munderon par
ye ghar ki khidkiyon ke kaanch par ungli se likh jaati thi sandeshein
bilakhti huyi si baithi rehti hai ab band roshandaron ke picche

dopaharein aisi lagti hain .. bina moharon ke khali khaane rakhein hain
na koi khelne wala hai baazi na koi chaal chalta hai

na din hoti hai ab na raat hoti hai ... sabhi kuch ruk gaya haiwo kya mausam ka jhoka tha jo is deewar par latki tasveer ko tirchhi kar gaya hai

-- Gulzar

apne nayan se neer bahaye

apne nayan se neer bahaye
apni jamuna khud aap hi banawe

laakh baar usmein hi nahayein, purana na huyi ajnaan
sookhe kesh rookhe bhesh, manwa bejaan

there is so much of it but still less

"Love is in the air". "Jen 'will LOVE Brad forever' ". "M0ney can buy me love".
These are just 3 headlines picked up from today's newspaper. As first one says, Love is the buzzword around. Everyone, everywhere this is the most popular four letter word it seems. Someone has fallen in, someone is trying to or someone is desperate to. Its a different life for those who are jsut out of it with a brief stint. i's jsut intrigues by so much of it around. Someone said its the age. in between, even the daily horoscope forecasts seems to describe same. i feel there is too much of it.
Picking up the newspaper i go through it again. Top headlines are about sleaze or cheat. New five letter words and the whole world is behind another five letter word called clips. Only because people lke it more they move from four letter word to these five letter words and we don't get peace (another five letter one ;)

When there is so much love flowing, why do we got so much conflicts. Maybe because of these sleazers or cheaters.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

wish everything be online

just a wish that everything could be done online.
imagine you could share food online. i could have food from my mom's hand (digitsed food) and reaching across thousand miles in seconds.. o yah i could have waited for it be uploaded and downloaded also. even connectivity problem could have been managed as sometimes food can get late or not served.
yes more, i could have shared food from anyone in the world. anonymous people, anonymous foods. imagine having a pizza from a pizzeria in tuscany while sitting in bangalore, india or an afghani naan during night (o yes, internet authorities would check for notorious/spurious/poisonous substances) and most of the agencies would be american for sure. I'm not sure if Mr.Bush would have liked to taste a naan made from some mother now lonely in afghan home, cooking food hiding in her home afraid from jehadis. (for this to happen afghanistan shud have full net connectivity), if food can be served through net, then everywhere net would be present. It has to be, otherwise exoticism would be shortened, which can't be the case here.

i guess i better get my lunch to be churned and digested well, rather than tasting food coming through wires in 1 or 0 format. but imagine 0 or 1 converting to egg fried rice and mat su kay chicken.