Sunday, November 13, 2005

people gazing

i hate this but can't help it. when i wanted to put shutters down totally and being totally enveloped by a phenomenon called sleep, i came about this memory about my house of 72 doors. one of my future writing if one day would do that.
but here it goes.. part of house of 72 doors.

people i saw from house of 72 doors on the road or from the roof or through the windows. somehow i could never see outside humanity through any door. doors led me to windows or roofs or balconies.
i spent many hours standing, many a times sitting on a chair all along parapet, cemented painted yellow outside and white from inside and using it as my companion i watched people. sometimes alone, sometimes with dog or few times with relatives and very few times in company of monkeys.

i watched hundreds no thousands, may be tens of thousands faces, heads. some coming from left and rest from right. many as pedestrians, in search for something, looking for something they could not find easily. many looking around on tractors, some on bikes or scooters or cars or jeeps. but i liked people walking as they were easy to track and more time to follow.

will write more later as its past 4am now... need to catch some sleep before it catches me.

There was no specific class of people i looked at. It was all and everyone, there was hardly any dislike but definitely some people could struck a chord easily.
There was a certain group of people, around 4-5 who used to come to clean the big naali in front of house and they used to clean those on both side of road as well as on the street. As the sanitation schema was open. They used to come with these huge brooms and those long wooden logs with one end like a broom or a bucket and they used to cream in everything and would pour a significant black and surely not sweet smelling waste outside and usually that would lie as a gathering on side of road. There was a man which i remember still. He used to come in a light colored shirt with sleeves folded and a khakhi colored trouser and that too folded just below knees. Dark skinned fellow was always holding huge broom and he looked the stronger. he had nice strong moustache and was so active always. I never saw him lull. Watching him at first look, i knew everything would get going and he can clean everything. Always looked so meticulate but never had any talk with him.
His group had some ladies who would use their brooms to clean up the road sides, i somehow never could debug how come the road gets such a significant layer of dirt and sand everyday. They used to sue their huge brooms and try to clean up the sand but i could always see that how sand particles would subside nearby. They also used to bring some iron /*stuff*/ to carry the waste mud and put it on the waste carrying vehicle. But he is one man i would not forget who made a difference somehow in our lives.

Then there was tailor who used to sit just outside the shop right in front of house of 72 doors. Will tell you more about the house in front later.
This man was stocky, short, dressed in a trouser with untucked shirt. He had a cool moustache colored black and pepper, giving some date for his age. He was the man who sued to return our tennis balls or sometimes even football, that sued to cross the roads from the verandah where me and my cousin used to have a blast. He was very talkative as i saw him talk while he sew the covers for tractors. He was usually busy on his machine but had time for bidis or tea and for some talk. I don't remember how he sounded now, but he is remember as our ball returning man. Sometimes he used to warn us but always had a funny smile on his face as if to encourage and hit more towards there.

Then there was this couple, i was always more intrigues towards them. They were old fellas, face of the old mans till fresh in memory. Largely build, always had this whitish small size beard on his face. I don't remember the face of old lady but i do remember they were always a company. They had this tea stall very next to the gate of the adjacent school. I don't remember the name of the school now. they had this shop and a covered area leading more towards the road where the desks would be put on. If i fainly remember there used to be someone who sued to keep his empty vegetable cart during night and sleep there. the old man usually was in his white kurta and lungi. they were a typical punjabi couple, always chattered in quick punjabi. I remeber very well that i sometimes had bought nice biscuits from their shop or had always looked for muching those salty or sometimes tasteless fun. These tea corners place those funs in glass jars and i simply adore and have hardly ever asked to eat those.

then there is one other tea stall which was on the left side There was a father son duo. this was again a punjabi family running the business in a very small stall right on the corner of the street that led to arya nagar. there's was very popular as that tea used to get boiled over and over all the time perpetually. And i do remember taking breads from there so many times and many a times Gold spot, then it changed to Coca Cola, thums up or Mirinda in new era of Coca Cola and Pepsi. the old man had his teeth broken all brown saying mroe about his age. His son matched his face but had kept moustache of late. Father always clad in white kurta pyjama while son usually had moderm look of shirt and trouser.

then medicine shop.
then omelette wala
the house in front.
the school kids and teachers
the baniyas at the back.. kalu, leela, their kites, their fights, their cries, their anger, their speech, their words, their coughs, their blows.. all got shared.
the suave baniyas in front. marriage, death.

the flood and the water marks on the other side of street.
the electric pole, transformer which used to blast itself or triggered by monkeys and the monkeys than used tog and bang the whole road.

the dharams and his sons. vedpal, the printerwallas.
the tenants on the ground floor. uncle aunty, their sister and her daughter kiran. how he used to wash the jewel which i never thought was actually a jewel. the way he used to cough. the aunty ji whom i was afraid somehow as i never could understand her language as well as could not get through her eyes.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Why are we so horny?

Why are we so horny?

Disclaimer: Read the content below with as much perverted mind as you can be.

Yes we Indians, we Bangaloreans. Why are we becoming so horny? Why do we love to press and keep on pressing, why do we like to blow and blowing continuously, why do we like to press and blow and on each curve, each turn, be it day or night or any hour of night for that matter. What do we get? Happiness and comfort and pleasure or sadistic pleasure seeing others writhing in pain or its for fun or its comes handy and comes out on its own. What has got into us, that we keep on doing it everywhere on each nook, corner, every stop or no stop, be it over a small or big huge hole. Everyone does it and making it the latest IN thing, right on top of all IN/OUT charts. Everyone wanting to be ahead, irrespective on whatever they are riding on, try to go as fast as one could, some groaning and no one moaning.

Disclaimer: Please change your perverted mindset and hear some sounds. Have you ever heard a horn, ok how many kinds of horns have you heard? OK better how many different emotions have you gone through when you heard horns? Now read following without any of those perverted thoughts in the real world. Yes the world is this much hypocrite so live in it.

Could anyone explain a good reason for blowing those horns, those shriek sounds that I get to hear on every red light, over every pot hole, from my left as well from the right, those cries or blows that simply want my sensitive ear canals to blow and flow like nullahs were doing sometime back during rains. Can anyone explain the blowing horn on the innermost streets where my home is at 2am when you got those 2 halogen lamps which can guide one and tell if someone is round the corner, or that was just a new technique to show off that “I” exist. What does one get when the clock on red light shows 120seconds to go? One wants to fly or blowing horn would suddenly make everyone in front disappear like my horn has David Copperfield magic. Maybe someone think that by pressing that button on that handle for would widen the already encroached road by maybe 100 meters. And it would get more widened if more pressed. If you know that the front vehicle is dead as a dodo then blow more and pump more as that might make the dead vehicle run like a horse maybe or vanquish as if it never existed and blow horn till the driver of front vehicle get so ashamed of his vehicle that he vanishes or the very next minute would change his vehicle however new it may be. Blowing horn is new IN thing, inspiring even driver of lightest vehicles to do something. It slike harder or more sound you make, more quickly the front one vanishes also rating of blower get enhanced and move ahead in the race. Moreover horns are somewhere we can see equalities. Some buses would have horns as if a old ambassador is about to lie in trash or some new bikes would sound as if they are the real ‘mukkaddar ka sikandar’ trucks.

Could anyone explain what has happened that we have become so horny?

I had never thought that Sufi music could be so sleep inducing or better I’ve this nonsense to give it this credit so I better keep quite and myself from horniness.

Friday, November 04, 2005

No more an aam aadmi

I recently realized that I’m keeping myself aloof from many things and no more than an aam aadmi anymore. I’m simply not getting effected by anything as aam aadmi is. No onion prices effect me. I hardly knew that what was I paying for a simple ring of onions I cut and then get tears due to that same onion. I now realized that those were not simple tears those were onion tears, coming right at the plight of this unknown Indian and now not so aam aadmi. I was hardly having any effect of prices of onion or other vegetables until I went home this month. Much before I read or saw reports of rising onion prices in markets, I came to know what had I lost already. Cauliflower being sold at Rs.10 per kg and onion at Rs. 15-16per kg and Apples at Rs.20-25 per kg and suddenly that huge roar by one hawker for selling his huge bunch of cauliflowers had done the effect. Those rs.10 per kg roar, made a huge cry inside and created a sort of turmoil in my mind. Somehow now everytime that Rs.10 per kg was roaring every now and then as I knew it was almost half the price I was paying for that same thing in Bangalore. And this price in Bangalore was totally unnoticed and I was not doing anything about it at all. Never even looked at price tags, just picking those from racks and putting those as new replishments onto my buying basket. And, finally paying the whole amount by the big spoiler credit card, that final signature completing my cycle of being no more an aam aadmi anymore; as if the whole amount paid for being an non-aadmi had gone for the polybags that covered the pack of sand socked potatoes, or washed and rewashed lady fingers or sometimes extra red tomatoes or sometimes blackish onions who would give me back those onion tears again.

The story does not end here as I lately realized that I’m also even living in non-aam aadmi society now. Again the same city Banglaore made me realize this, yes I’m talking about the latest talking point rains of Bangalore. Its just not raining water, its raining marriages too. It feels sometimes as if the whole world is getting married and I’m left alone for my own cause. And when its raining marriages how could it not rain honeymoons. And now these guys and gals marrying from this November till next February are simply not talking about spending some time. Mostly are going for foreign lands, even though spouse does not have a passport in pocket at present. Its amazing to hear that these sons and daughters of aam aadmis are thinking of going to Thailand, Mauritius, Seychelles, Europe, Star cruise in Singapore etc. and these days tea time or lunch time gossips or knowledge sharing or brainstorming are about the pricing, rates of these trips, and sharing the details by someone who has already been there. And I silently calculate my budget of going to each of these places with friends and then friends roaring back, which ‘honeymoon’ place is left in your visited places now. Then suddenly someone bring up that his wife asked for bringing vegetables etc and I again remember my Onion tears and realize where have I entered again.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

slow or something

speaking so slow
as if i was like a marsh mellow
and my face was yellow
with taking a bow

moving so slow
as if i've something to borrow
but nothing to get me thorough
as if this was moment to be
but nothing could set me free
as if nothing made sense to me

FEAR - dreaded four letter word in new society

Dreaded four letter word

Rape - Sometime back a lady newspaper columnist from bombay had remarked that how easily people use this word without realising the meaning of this word in its true sense.
i would like to know how would she react now when the word is in use in its true sense and rather more frequently than any other word would come to mouth. Be it any talk or news and not just television.
1 week and three bombay policemen caught in act live. Haryana reports says father caught molesting his own daughter for 3 months, Delhi report says minor raped in bus.

Hello world, suddenly somebody thrust open male power or such brutal power or what has happened. What has gone into this new criminal psychosis. Is it just a brutal show of male power or just intense power of lust and vigor or as sainiks say urged by women, rubbish. On one hand is to resolve this mystery of male criminal psychosis, on the other hand is the sufferings of deceased and fear of being future target. Fear of calling any male as bhaiyya or uncle or even real brother or real father. If dowry deaths were not enough this huge fear of being molested anywhere, train, bus, taxi, auto, own home, office, staircase, lake, beach, mountain; would just creep in any doing in daily life as one never knows what's in store on the next moment. though the cases coming in public view are generally coming from backward or poor community but i have serious doubts if any cases from so called higher strata get reported as they might die down with settlements as others cases i guess. The major problem i feel is how can such people survive not just the justice or eye of people but in their own eyes or conscience or does everything dies altogether and only so called beast survives.

an image pops up where a lady with 10 or more hands covered in her blood is covering her own self as there is nothing else to protect her now, wish the mythological figures come true with same 10 hands able to rebel and protect as well as act when needed.
it leads to another argument as why not jsut have a maternal society but looking at current statistics and killings on girl child, this seems impossible. the pictuer of a body of a girl child flowing in canal in front of my own eyes is still active in mind and speaks again and again but those cries are never heard.

New ad jingle fits in fine here.... "Jago India Jago, ye waqt hai humara!!"

Again i've the questions and asking for answers, How would we move ahead to curb this menace of stark naked brutal show of male source of power and simultaneously getting the fear out for living.
As The damage is IRREVERSIBLE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Save everyone, Walk for everything

Everyday we have been hearing posters, news items, advertisements in TV, media or live for Save Tiger, Save Environment, Save Kashmir, Save Beaches, Save Olive Ridleys Turtles, Save Vultures, Save Sparrows, Save Iraq, Save Culture, Save Air, Save Water, Save Afghanisan, Save Democracy, Save Society, Save Amazon, Save Forests, Save Mines, Save Narmada, Save Ganges, Save Yamuna, Save Saraswati, Save Dolphins, Save Whales, Save Blood, Save Eyes, Save Tribes, Save People. Are we not saving everything? Something , someone, somewhere at sometime is in danger for sure.

If this is not enough there are Walks for everything, Walk for Life, Walk for Diabetes, Walk for AIDS, Walk for Earthquakes, Walk for Old Age, Walk fro Cancer, Walk for Alzheimers, Walk for yourself.

Then we have Runs, Marathons for the same. We have extempores, seminars for everything. The world is not enough here. Today i came across one advertisement which called for Blowing Horns, Pushin Door Bells, Shouting or making some noise at 11:00am for AIDS awareness. Well what about some more noise making for all above things.

Well there is nothing against any initiative but it seems like we are doomed, dooms day is nearby and we are making frantic attempts to delay the same but at same time, paradoxically inviting the same things through our workings and doings. We are frantically making hodge podge efforts to save something. Well i feel its simply about delaying the end. But the ways adopted have to be of full awareness. A walk or banner to Save Tiger in delhi newspaper would fall on deaf ears if villagers around forests do not get this awareness or Save the sparrow is totally mute campaign if we continue to make concrete jungles as fast as we are doing. (How long has it happened since you last saw the homely Sparrow?).
Can't we make people aware or more importanly educate and make aware the younger generation what to do right and how to do it right in daily life so that we have a delayed dooms day. The thing is one would walk for diabetes but would do wrong things to get Hepatitis. Or one would save plant new trees but throw his garbage on the beach. yes life has been so paradoxical and hypocrat, the ordeal is to lessen it to make it somwhat more comfortable, when we can do it by simplest of the means of education and simple awareness for the young minds.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

possessive youngsters

This is all about ignition in young minds... (this was actually written exactly one year before)

Today i would like to say something about a different kind of phenomenon
present and seen all over the places.
Yesterday me and sanadhya went to this place called aangan for Dinner. And
we were jsut looking at all the people and also talking out usual chitto
chat. Then there come one sardarji who was totally like Jaspal Bhatti, with
his family. There was another couple without any addition to their family,
so were njoying themselves.
Then we saw one beautiful lady entering the restaurant. She looked great
really. And there was her hubby or watever with him, who was nice looking
too. As we were appreciating the beauty and they sat down in parallel row
with a table on which some chinese/japanese techies were having dinner. And
definitely as we are pin-pointers we were quick to note down that girl sat
down towards us, so we could not see her face any longer now.
After a few minutes, the lady went for restroom and when she came back we
noticed that the guy changed the positions and was now sitting towards us
and girl sat facing us now. O boy, i just hate these possessive guys. Who
think that the other guys will jsut take away THEIR lady/girl. And in this
scene, overlook that now girl is in direct contact with other guys and maybe
giving a bigger opportunity to some cassanova :-) All this looks so funny as
these type of scenes have happened so many times now that i can generalize
the feeling now.
I used to feel totally aghast even in college days when people used to hide
about girls they chatted with or tried to make contacts. Frankly i felt as
if guys were feeling like someone would just take away their girl right in
front of their eyes. I mean how can u be so possessive about
something/someone which u have never met and moreover u even don't know the
reality if some guy is making a fool of u in disguise.
The whole psychology is totally mysterious as this happened amond greatest
friends. But i feel that maybe people don't want to share somethings from
their best friends also. And i wud say i'm big example of this. If i don't
want to tell it to anyone, then i don't want to tell it, why do i care. But
most difficult part is when you tell something to someone and then that
sells in whole market. Then if any other friend talks about it and asks for
details, then its totally chaotic situation as you don't want to tell it and
then also feel i told to that guy and not to this guy, and between this and
that you loose that important time of making decision and get caught. And
when u try to make a move to tell, this guy is not there, simply telling you
that he believed you were a good friend and still u don't want to tell and
blah blah. And then time is gone and you might get a distance between
friends. And then you yourself don't tell it to anyone else. But the damage
is already done, even if you tell the so called secrets after this time.
Because you told him/her after telling that thing to so many people.

I'm not sure if i you were able to comprehend this behavior, if not let's
discuss it :-)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


mitesh_jainiitk : aabe jaat aaj bahut hi gandi wali feeling aarahi hai yaar ..katai pila hua sa ..sala deemag rukta nahi hai yaar phat si rahi hai meri ..
Aditya : kya soch rahe ho
Aditya : i mean ab kis angle se pila hua feel kar rahe ho
Aditya : tumko kahin ghumaane le chalta hun aaj
Aditya : i'm feeling much better today
Aditya : and i bloody can't feel any reason of feeling good even
mitesh_jainiitk : healthy minds lives in a healthy body only
Aditya : hahahahahaha
Aditya : how HEALTHY i am wow
Aditya : with big grunt coming right from those phlegmy lungs
mitesh_jainiitk : angle to kuch naya nahi hai ..par khud se pareshan hone laga hoon ...
Aditya : ab kya naya dikha tumko apne aap mein aisa?
mitesh_jainiitk : kher chalo kahan chalna hai ..
Aditya : u decide the place baby
mitesh_jainiitk : kuch naya nahi ..par sala max miss karta rahta hoon .wahi purani batein sochta rahta hoon ..
Aditya : miss nahin mr bano
Aditya : bahut ghatiya khol raha hun
Aditya : but u know
Aditya : u know
mitesh_jainiitk : sala na kisi ke sath accha lagta hai aur na akele rahne mein koi phayda hai ..bahar hi nahi nikal pa raha hoon .
Aditya : its coming from phlegmy lungs
mitesh_jainiitk :
Aditya : bahar kahan nikalna hain
Aditya : khule aasmaan ke niche
Aditya : khuli barsaat mein
Aditya : thoda sa gila hona hai
mitesh_jainiitk : kain bhi yaar ...nahi malum .
Aditya : wo gili mitti ki boo ko sunghna hai
Aditya : aur kehna hai ki ye boo kahin aur se aa rahi hai
mitesh_jainiitk : haan mast rahega ..
mitesh_jainiitk : koi open air restaurant hai kya
Aditya : aur fir jhan-jhanati huyi boondon
Aditya : ko dharti pe dhulte dekh
Aditya : boond jo giri ret par
Aditya : par ret paar na kar paayi
Aditya : bahut der tak thahar si gayi
mitesh_jainiitk : aur ret mein sama gayi ..par uski khushbu man ko bhela gayi
Aditya : kaafi der baad ek badnuma daag lagakar ret ko badnaam kar
Aditya : andar sama gayi
Aditya : aur nikali wo boo
Aditya : jo maandhi maandhi si hawa ke sang
Aditya : mausam ranga kar chali gayi
mitesh_jainiitk : bund to mitti ki pyaas bujhane aayi thi ..par kya pata tha ki daag chod jayegi ..
Aditya : mausam to rang gaya par wo daag bhi ab behte paani ne dho daala
Aditya : mere jooton ko gila karne laga
Aditya : rahi kasar kapdon se tapakte paani ne poori kar di
mitesh_jainiitk : daag hai ya dharti ke chehre par ek haryali jaise asman mein nilima ..jaise kisi chehre par khusi ki lahar
Aditya : mozon mein gilepan aur paani bharne ki wo aahat
Aditya : laga koi foolon ka baag sugbuga kar chala gaya
mitesh_jainiitk : wo chipchipa pan
Aditya : wo fach fach ki jo awaaj ab barsaat se tej sunayi dene lagi
mitesh_jainiitk : wo bahta pani ab apni hi dhun mein chalne laga ..dharti par miti khurodne laga
Aditya : jooton mein laga jaise bhaar laad diya hai
Aditya : ret jo ab kichad ban gaya
Aditya : usne bhi jooton ka saath diya
mitesh_jainiitk : ek boond pani ki jo daag thi mithi par aap us pani ki dhar mein mithi ki parchayi hi dikh pati hai
Aditya : laga jaise ab humein koi aage badhne hi nahin dena chahta
Aditya : wo logon ki maafik
Aditya : jo humein humesha rokte hain
Aditya : tokte hain
Aditya : aaj ret aur barsaat ne bhi humara saath chhod diya
mitesh_jainiitk : aage badhne bhi muskil wahan therna bhi mushkil
Aditya : chalna to hai
Aditya : akele ya kisi ke sang
mitesh_jainiitk : pani badhta jayega joote pani se bhari the aab bhane lageinge ..
Aditya : so humne socha aaj barsaat aur keechad ke sang
Aditya : bagal mein khet the
Aditya : kaafi hare the
mitesh_jainiitk : par keechad se bhare the
Aditya : nayi fasal jam ke hariyali bhikhere thi
Aditya : aur nayi barsaat se khud ko saaf kar rahi thi
Aditya : idhar hum apne bheege hathon se
Aditya : joota upar kar keechad saaf kar rahe the
Aditya : wo gila ret
Aditya : aur wo sookha ret
Aditya : jaise rookhe kesh aur sookha bhesh
Aditya : aur ab wo gile khushboodar kaade kesh aur gila khushnuma khila badan
Aditya : barsaat ki ek boond jo sidhe aankh mein giri
mitesh_jainiitk : baju mein lahrati phasal thi ..use hi dekh kar wo berand mitti aas bandhti hai ..kabhi is par bhi shayad harayli aayegi
Aditya : usne waapis apne badan ki yaad dilayi
Aditya : jo ab tarbatar tha
Aditya : kaash main wo dhaan ka tana hota
Aditya : abhi khushaal hota
Aditya : apne pairon sahit gili jameen mein hota
mitesh_jainiitk : jab khushyali chali jati to kisike pet ko bharta
Aditya : aur gile badan se rangeen hota
mitesh_jainiitk : par kuch kaam ka to hota ..
mitesh_jainiitk : par mein ek insaan hoon pani se bheeg jata hoon ..par mitti ki tarah uske sang bah nahi sakta
Aditya : doosri aankh par giri ek aur boond ne
Aditya : waapis aage pagdandi par nigaah fenki
mitesh_jainiitk : yeah rah kahan ko jati hai .
mitesh_jainiitk : par yeah sawal kyuon ..kya mujhe kahin pahuchna hai ..aab to yeah bhi kabhi kabhi bhul jatein hein ki kahan se aaye the
Aditya : pagdandi jis par
Aditya : humne chhoti umar mein
Aditya : raaste khoje the
Aditya : raahein dekhi thi
Aditya : athkheliyan ki thi
mitesh_jainiitk : kher paghdandi se kuch sahara milega ..khade rahna ka aasra milega ..aab boond jo barsat ban chuki hai pani jo baha ja raha hai ..uske sath na chalte rahne ka shayad gum khade rahne se kam hoga .
Aditya : khel khele the
Aditya : jahan hum daude the
Aditya : jahan se hum roj ghar ko jaate the
mitesh_jainiitk : wahi pagdandi aaj koi rasta nahi dikhati ..wo kisi ghar ko nahi jati
Aditya : na ghar hai na koi sahara
mitesh_jainiitk : aaj wo humari tarah pani ke bahav se kuch khichi khichi si hai
Aditya : na koi sang hai na hun main akela
Aditya : par chalna to hai kahin to hai jana
mitesh_jainiitk : kuch bhigi hui ..kuch bunde sama rahi hai ..
mitesh_jainiitk : kuch boond ke bhar se hi dabi ja rahi hai
mitesh_jainiitk : na usse aabhi ki khabar hai na kal ka pata jana hai kahan kuch na pata
Aditya : gile kapdon se tapakti in bondon ke sang
Aditya : bhige badan ke sang
Aditya : us gili ret urf kichad ke sang
Aditya : un gili moozon urf juraabon ke sang
Aditya : un fate gile pani se lade jooton ke sang
Aditya : in pagdandiyon ke sang
Aditya : un hre dhule kheto sang
mitesh_jainiitk : aab to lagta hai jaise yeah bahav tej ho jaye ..aur sath mein le jaye ..

Saturday, August 27, 2005


its a overcast sky. even 10am looks like early 6am. resulting in being more lazy. watching the sky it returns a "grey" picture kind of summarising the confused state of present. as i put it to words from a closed room and now peeking a look again outside after putting aside orange curtain, i again see a dark picture.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

sightscene spot(s)

i'm just back to bangalore today and i felt like i've come here after 2-3 months, although it was just 10 days. but in any case i's not feeling out of place even a bit. but i thought of what happens when people take a bus tour of bangalore city. i would say they should include some new tourist sightseeing spots called traffic jams. traffic jam of airport flyover - from different angles-roads, of richmond road-hosur road - this has a different class of its own, jam at forum - koramangla crossing, here you might be able to see many pedestrian from different walks of life also involved while crossing. people blowing horn even after you see red signal wait time as 126seconds. blow blow blow.. peep peep don't sleep! are tourist officials listening, they should set up a nice schedule with BDA and banglaore traffic police. One friend suggested there would a day when whole traffic would become static and nobody would be able to move an inch. Waiting for that sight scene!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

mitti mein mil jana hai

me and my friend bansal were coming from residency road after i picked him up.
as usual richmond road was rich and full, full of wheels, big, small, huge... smoke and noise and honks. as we saw one guy writing on his laptop. simple ms word document opened and it looked like a script/writing for a book. we thought gyanesh has a rival.
interestingly this resulted in a conversation with the auto guy. he asked "ye computer hai kya?". we said yes in unison, "ye hai naya computer". auto guy was in truely awe as he admired this new kind of computer. apparently he had more questions, "iski tube ka kya".. i had some doubts so asked him - kya? he asked again - iski picture tube ka kya? i replied, ye naya computer hai, picture tube nahin dalti, alag screen hoti hai. and he agreed "oo ye cinema screen jaisa hai. ".
and continued - "duniya kahan se kahan pahunch rahi hai". .... later continued .. "aadmi kahan se kahan pahunch gaya hai, aadmi daud raha hai bhaag raha hai".. par aakhir hoga kya .."mittimein mil jana hai".
heavy thought as we moved ahead amidst honks and fresh smoke.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

kisi mausam ka jhonka tha
jo is deewar par latki huyi tasveer tirchhi kar gaya hai
gaye saawan mein ye deewarein seeli nahin thi
na jaane kyun is dafa inmein seelan aa gayi hai, daraarein pad gayi hain
aur seelan is tarah behti hai jaise khushk rukhsar par gile aansu chalte hain

ye baarish gungunati thi ... isi chhat ki munderon par
ye ghar ki khidkiyon ke kaanch par ungli se likh jaati thi sandeshein
bilakhti huyi si baithi rehti hai ab band roshandaron ke picche

dopaharein aisi lagti hain .. bina moharon ke khali khaane rakhein hain
na koi khelne wala hai baazi na koi chaal chalta hai

na din hoti hai ab na raat hoti hai ... sabhi kuch ruk gaya haiwo kya mausam ka jhoka tha jo is deewar par latki tasveer ko tirchhi kar gaya hai

-- Gulzar

apne nayan se neer bahaye

apne nayan se neer bahaye
apni jamuna khud aap hi banawe

laakh baar usmein hi nahayein, purana na huyi ajnaan
sookhe kesh rookhe bhesh, manwa bejaan

there is so much of it but still less

"Love is in the air". "Jen 'will LOVE Brad forever' ". "M0ney can buy me love".
These are just 3 headlines picked up from today's newspaper. As first one says, Love is the buzzword around. Everyone, everywhere this is the most popular four letter word it seems. Someone has fallen in, someone is trying to or someone is desperate to. Its a different life for those who are jsut out of it with a brief stint. i's jsut intrigues by so much of it around. Someone said its the age. in between, even the daily horoscope forecasts seems to describe same. i feel there is too much of it.
Picking up the newspaper i go through it again. Top headlines are about sleaze or cheat. New five letter words and the whole world is behind another five letter word called clips. Only because people lke it more they move from four letter word to these five letter words and we don't get peace (another five letter one ;)

When there is so much love flowing, why do we got so much conflicts. Maybe because of these sleazers or cheaters.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

wish everything be online

just a wish that everything could be done online.
imagine you could share food online. i could have food from my mom's hand (digitsed food) and reaching across thousand miles in seconds.. o yah i could have waited for it be uploaded and downloaded also. even connectivity problem could have been managed as sometimes food can get late or not served.
yes more, i could have shared food from anyone in the world. anonymous people, anonymous foods. imagine having a pizza from a pizzeria in tuscany while sitting in bangalore, india or an afghani naan during night (o yes, internet authorities would check for notorious/spurious/poisonous substances) and most of the agencies would be american for sure. I'm not sure if Mr.Bush would have liked to taste a naan made from some mother now lonely in afghan home, cooking food hiding in her home afraid from jehadis. (for this to happen afghanistan shud have full net connectivity), if food can be served through net, then everywhere net would be present. It has to be, otherwise exoticism would be shortened, which can't be the case here.

i guess i better get my lunch to be churned and digested well, rather than tasting food coming through wires in 1 or 0 format. but imagine 0 or 1 converting to egg fried rice and mat su kay chicken.

Monday, May 30, 2005

wandering neurons

Cool wind was not just refreshing every soul, it was bringing more and more clouds with it. As i sat as pillion riding the bike, i was passing through MG Road and as i watched many Sari shops in one line. I thought when will the day come when i would buy any sarees for someone :-) Then i realised maybe never. Suddenly i felt that my eyes are blurred due to water. But alas it was rain droplets on my secondary eyes -specs, making my vision blurred. Then suddenly thoughts flew, when was the last time my tears ran down my cheeks. I just could not figure when was the last time. It was an interesting thought but was quickly broken by fierce blow of an horn making me realize that i was still on earth and that too stuck in traffic. But how neurons flew, i wish i could figure out these neuron flow. How they flow and interact and wish i could jam them up and then i could control the whole thought process. Need to flow more neurons for this. Would neurons allow me to do this. Sounds a bit ironical.