Sunday, January 01, 2006

Swagat 2006

Welcome 2006

I welcomed the New Year as it has happened for previous years. Cool, away from crowd, in confines of walled rooms. Difference was that I was informed that Jan 01, 2006 arrived one second late, making 2005 a longer year. May be this one second made some difference to the society as a whole.

Why I felt so was, when I opened the television and switched from latest music videos to watch some news channel. The main bulletin heading in all channels was “Swagat 2006” or “Welcome 2006”. And the news summary shown had these lines –
• 6 person burnt alive in Raghopur (Bihar)
• 1 mother and her 5 children burnt alive
• 2 females found badly bruised and wounded lying nude in Punjabi Bagh area in Delhi
• Females suspected to have been raped
• Mumbai Model rape: accused sent to judicial custody

And later in detail report on New Delhi wounded females found news, it was also mentioned that apparently one rape occurred in Narela area of north west Delhi when People were waiting for new year or were in ecstasy of new Year arrival.

I’m not raising any questions here anymore. Time is there to find out the root causes of issues/problems and then work tediously towards resolutions. I feel we have spent a huge time in raising questions about society behavior and patterns and not worked on finding the issues or even if issues found were left vacant without any resolutions being found or if found not implemented or if implemented left in limbo and not taken care of.

I am feeling kind of ashamed in saying 3 words, Happy New Year, somehow as it feels too ironical and hypocrite to blurt these words. Does it look like really a Happy Year with this bizarre start with gruesome realities being opened? I’m already waiting for better, vibrant headlines for Jan 01, 2007.