Saturday, August 05, 2006

I am 60, AM I?

"I just noticed a fact that i am turning 60. But nobody seems to notice. Everyone is busy on his/her own ride of life. No one has to time to think about how i feel to be 60. They seem to walk past, ignoring me. As if I'm nobody. They don't think i exist anymore. Or of i do exist, be it like any other thing. No one cares how it feels to be free, because no one is free. They are tied up in their own life, own travel, own living, own future, own siblings, own plans, own enjoyment, own tears, own sadness, own romanticism, own hatred, own guilt, own poverty, own richness, own happiness, own laughter. No body cares that i exist, that i exist for them, that their tears falls on me, their blood falls on me, their dancing legs step on me, their bodies rest inside me, their laughter, their sadness, their richness, their poverty all belongs to me.
No body cares that I, INDEPENDENT INDIA is turning 60."