Thursday, September 15, 2005

possessive youngsters

This is all about ignition in young minds... (this was actually written exactly one year before)

Today i would like to say something about a different kind of phenomenon
present and seen all over the places.
Yesterday me and sanadhya went to this place called aangan for Dinner. And
we were jsut looking at all the people and also talking out usual chitto
chat. Then there come one sardarji who was totally like Jaspal Bhatti, with
his family. There was another couple without any addition to their family,
so were njoying themselves.
Then we saw one beautiful lady entering the restaurant. She looked great
really. And there was her hubby or watever with him, who was nice looking
too. As we were appreciating the beauty and they sat down in parallel row
with a table on which some chinese/japanese techies were having dinner. And
definitely as we are pin-pointers we were quick to note down that girl sat
down towards us, so we could not see her face any longer now.
After a few minutes, the lady went for restroom and when she came back we
noticed that the guy changed the positions and was now sitting towards us
and girl sat facing us now. O boy, i just hate these possessive guys. Who
think that the other guys will jsut take away THEIR lady/girl. And in this
scene, overlook that now girl is in direct contact with other guys and maybe
giving a bigger opportunity to some cassanova :-) All this looks so funny as
these type of scenes have happened so many times now that i can generalize
the feeling now.
I used to feel totally aghast even in college days when people used to hide
about girls they chatted with or tried to make contacts. Frankly i felt as
if guys were feeling like someone would just take away their girl right in
front of their eyes. I mean how can u be so possessive about
something/someone which u have never met and moreover u even don't know the
reality if some guy is making a fool of u in disguise.
The whole psychology is totally mysterious as this happened amond greatest
friends. But i feel that maybe people don't want to share somethings from
their best friends also. And i wud say i'm big example of this. If i don't
want to tell it to anyone, then i don't want to tell it, why do i care. But
most difficult part is when you tell something to someone and then that
sells in whole market. Then if any other friend talks about it and asks for
details, then its totally chaotic situation as you don't want to tell it and
then also feel i told to that guy and not to this guy, and between this and
that you loose that important time of making decision and get caught. And
when u try to make a move to tell, this guy is not there, simply telling you
that he believed you were a good friend and still u don't want to tell and
blah blah. And then time is gone and you might get a distance between
friends. And then you yourself don't tell it to anyone else. But the damage
is already done, even if you tell the so called secrets after this time.
Because you told him/her after telling that thing to so many people.

I'm not sure if i you were able to comprehend this behavior, if not let's
discuss it :-)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


mitesh_jainiitk : aabe jaat aaj bahut hi gandi wali feeling aarahi hai yaar ..katai pila hua sa ..sala deemag rukta nahi hai yaar phat si rahi hai meri ..
Aditya : kya soch rahe ho
Aditya : i mean ab kis angle se pila hua feel kar rahe ho
Aditya : tumko kahin ghumaane le chalta hun aaj
Aditya : i'm feeling much better today
Aditya : and i bloody can't feel any reason of feeling good even
mitesh_jainiitk : healthy minds lives in a healthy body only
Aditya : hahahahahaha
Aditya : how HEALTHY i am wow
Aditya : with big grunt coming right from those phlegmy lungs
mitesh_jainiitk : angle to kuch naya nahi hai ..par khud se pareshan hone laga hoon ...
Aditya : ab kya naya dikha tumko apne aap mein aisa?
mitesh_jainiitk : kher chalo kahan chalna hai ..
Aditya : u decide the place baby
mitesh_jainiitk : kuch naya nahi ..par sala max miss karta rahta hoon .wahi purani batein sochta rahta hoon ..
Aditya : miss nahin mr bano
Aditya : bahut ghatiya khol raha hun
Aditya : but u know
Aditya : u know
mitesh_jainiitk : sala na kisi ke sath accha lagta hai aur na akele rahne mein koi phayda hai ..bahar hi nahi nikal pa raha hoon .
Aditya : its coming from phlegmy lungs
mitesh_jainiitk :
Aditya : bahar kahan nikalna hain
Aditya : khule aasmaan ke niche
Aditya : khuli barsaat mein
Aditya : thoda sa gila hona hai
mitesh_jainiitk : kain bhi yaar ...nahi malum .
Aditya : wo gili mitti ki boo ko sunghna hai
Aditya : aur kehna hai ki ye boo kahin aur se aa rahi hai
mitesh_jainiitk : haan mast rahega ..
mitesh_jainiitk : koi open air restaurant hai kya
Aditya : aur fir jhan-jhanati huyi boondon
Aditya : ko dharti pe dhulte dekh
Aditya : boond jo giri ret par
Aditya : par ret paar na kar paayi
Aditya : bahut der tak thahar si gayi
mitesh_jainiitk : aur ret mein sama gayi ..par uski khushbu man ko bhela gayi
Aditya : kaafi der baad ek badnuma daag lagakar ret ko badnaam kar
Aditya : andar sama gayi
Aditya : aur nikali wo boo
Aditya : jo maandhi maandhi si hawa ke sang
Aditya : mausam ranga kar chali gayi
mitesh_jainiitk : bund to mitti ki pyaas bujhane aayi thi ..par kya pata tha ki daag chod jayegi ..
Aditya : mausam to rang gaya par wo daag bhi ab behte paani ne dho daala
Aditya : mere jooton ko gila karne laga
Aditya : rahi kasar kapdon se tapakte paani ne poori kar di
mitesh_jainiitk : daag hai ya dharti ke chehre par ek haryali jaise asman mein nilima ..jaise kisi chehre par khusi ki lahar
Aditya : mozon mein gilepan aur paani bharne ki wo aahat
Aditya : laga koi foolon ka baag sugbuga kar chala gaya
mitesh_jainiitk : wo chipchipa pan
Aditya : wo fach fach ki jo awaaj ab barsaat se tej sunayi dene lagi
mitesh_jainiitk : wo bahta pani ab apni hi dhun mein chalne laga ..dharti par miti khurodne laga
Aditya : jooton mein laga jaise bhaar laad diya hai
Aditya : ret jo ab kichad ban gaya
Aditya : usne bhi jooton ka saath diya
mitesh_jainiitk : ek boond pani ki jo daag thi mithi par aap us pani ki dhar mein mithi ki parchayi hi dikh pati hai
Aditya : laga jaise ab humein koi aage badhne hi nahin dena chahta
Aditya : wo logon ki maafik
Aditya : jo humein humesha rokte hain
Aditya : tokte hain
Aditya : aaj ret aur barsaat ne bhi humara saath chhod diya
mitesh_jainiitk : aage badhne bhi muskil wahan therna bhi mushkil
Aditya : chalna to hai
Aditya : akele ya kisi ke sang
mitesh_jainiitk : pani badhta jayega joote pani se bhari the aab bhane lageinge ..
Aditya : so humne socha aaj barsaat aur keechad ke sang
Aditya : bagal mein khet the
Aditya : kaafi hare the
mitesh_jainiitk : par keechad se bhare the
Aditya : nayi fasal jam ke hariyali bhikhere thi
Aditya : aur nayi barsaat se khud ko saaf kar rahi thi
Aditya : idhar hum apne bheege hathon se
Aditya : joota upar kar keechad saaf kar rahe the
Aditya : wo gila ret
Aditya : aur wo sookha ret
Aditya : jaise rookhe kesh aur sookha bhesh
Aditya : aur ab wo gile khushboodar kaade kesh aur gila khushnuma khila badan
Aditya : barsaat ki ek boond jo sidhe aankh mein giri
mitesh_jainiitk : baju mein lahrati phasal thi ..use hi dekh kar wo berand mitti aas bandhti hai ..kabhi is par bhi shayad harayli aayegi
Aditya : usne waapis apne badan ki yaad dilayi
Aditya : jo ab tarbatar tha
Aditya : kaash main wo dhaan ka tana hota
Aditya : abhi khushaal hota
Aditya : apne pairon sahit gili jameen mein hota
mitesh_jainiitk : jab khushyali chali jati to kisike pet ko bharta
Aditya : aur gile badan se rangeen hota
mitesh_jainiitk : par kuch kaam ka to hota ..
mitesh_jainiitk : par mein ek insaan hoon pani se bheeg jata hoon ..par mitti ki tarah uske sang bah nahi sakta
Aditya : doosri aankh par giri ek aur boond ne
Aditya : waapis aage pagdandi par nigaah fenki
mitesh_jainiitk : yeah rah kahan ko jati hai .
mitesh_jainiitk : par yeah sawal kyuon ..kya mujhe kahin pahuchna hai ..aab to yeah bhi kabhi kabhi bhul jatein hein ki kahan se aaye the
Aditya : pagdandi jis par
Aditya : humne chhoti umar mein
Aditya : raaste khoje the
Aditya : raahein dekhi thi
Aditya : athkheliyan ki thi
mitesh_jainiitk : kher paghdandi se kuch sahara milega ..khade rahna ka aasra milega ..aab boond jo barsat ban chuki hai pani jo baha ja raha hai ..uske sath na chalte rahne ka shayad gum khade rahne se kam hoga .
Aditya : khel khele the
Aditya : jahan hum daude the
Aditya : jahan se hum roj ghar ko jaate the
mitesh_jainiitk : wahi pagdandi aaj koi rasta nahi dikhati ..wo kisi ghar ko nahi jati
Aditya : na ghar hai na koi sahara
mitesh_jainiitk : aaj wo humari tarah pani ke bahav se kuch khichi khichi si hai
Aditya : na koi sang hai na hun main akela
Aditya : par chalna to hai kahin to hai jana
mitesh_jainiitk : kuch bhigi hui ..kuch bunde sama rahi hai ..
mitesh_jainiitk : kuch boond ke bhar se hi dabi ja rahi hai
mitesh_jainiitk : na usse aabhi ki khabar hai na kal ka pata jana hai kahan kuch na pata
Aditya : gile kapdon se tapakti in bondon ke sang
Aditya : bhige badan ke sang
Aditya : us gili ret urf kichad ke sang
Aditya : un gili moozon urf juraabon ke sang
Aditya : un fate gile pani se lade jooton ke sang
Aditya : in pagdandiyon ke sang
Aditya : un hre dhule kheto sang
mitesh_jainiitk : aab to lagta hai jaise yeah bahav tej ho jaye ..aur sath mein le jaye ..