Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kaat kaat bindas kaat

This one is so lively that it makes me crazy enough to listen to it again and again so I've put it on repeat playback :)

uff...ye ladki kaatil hai. ye Chintu ka kya hoga?

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ever heard the sound of blinking of eyes?
Heard the sound of blood beating through the vein at back of head?
Heard the hissing sound of leaf falling down?
I heard.... did you? I do hear sometimes....

Heard the sound of a dry leaf falling down and hitting each trunk?
Heard the sound of that dry leaf hitting the ground through different corners, flown by air?
Heard the sound of air zipping past a smallest opening in windows?
Heard the screeching sound of iron wheels of a train running on rails?
I heard these too... did you?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

2007 Week 1

I would start with last day of Year 2006.
Touching moments are those when you feel a big lump growing in your throat with each moment and taking time to subside. I felt one, as said Bye to everyone, leaving home for airport. Ba, who was denying to recognise faces, took off and sat up to say bye to me and even gave her blessings and i can never forget last words of hers to me - "Be good". Mummy was stronger than imagined and then I bid good bye to everyone. It was cold and foggy which grew stronger and made it almost invisible as we hit the highway. Papa was going with me. There were times when i felt like No, please don't make this as my last day on earth. It was getting whiter and we just searched for red lights to follow throughout the whole way. Next thing was, how would the flight take off in this foggy condition. Anyway we reached the airport and I got in line of Air Canada flight. It was utter chaos and I got call from dear friends in HongKong and wished them for new year and got early wishes as it was still one hour to go here in Delhi to enter into 2007. All this while I's in the line for getting the baggage checked in. I showed my ticket and passport, and then the girl on desk asked me my reason for visiting Switzerland, I was kind of bugged as I think she was not supposed to ask such things. I told her for studies and then she asks me show the letter of admission, this was too much, it was simply not her job to ask such things, anyway I was in no mood to argue about her position. As soon as she saw Sports Management, she was like oo sporty guy, I dunno what that meant, but I was too pissed off to ask anything as I was told to pay for excess baggage. I was like it can't get better or it can? but anyway I paid and got off the line as we waited for the flight to announce whether they would fly at all or not. I told papa to wait, so that incase flight does not operate, then I might go home rather than checking into a hotel. And my hand baggage was definitely not handy, must be weighing 20kgs but I's trying to manage all gadgets and books. I hated that 20kg baggage rule. After sometime I decided there was no point in making papa wait and told him to leave as flight was now scheduled to board at about 2 or 3am. I was not able to get through him as I guess networks were blocked as Delhi host millions of people and I guess everyone had a phone now and also everyone was on phone for new year. We finally boarded the flight and I even settled myself on a decent seat with no one beside me and caught some sleep but flight was finally cancelled as it was same sepia foggy whenever I opened my eyes and popped to see out. And then we got moved to a hotel. I put myself to sleep but was called or I called up people in between, so sleep wasn't great. People were surprised to know that I was still lingering around in Delhi, but anyway had lunch, saw some people crib at hotel's reception on charges and then finally were on our way to airport. flight was now scheduled for 5pm departure.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Entangled - tired, squeezed, wet and torn

Holding onto any vertical or horizontal support, with body squeezed and posture turned as per the space provided, sometimes supported by one leg and sometimes only by one hand, feeling weight of a heel on your foot or both legs, some one's butt pushing your leg to turn and feeling like undergoing a conditioning camp for mountaineering in a chair position, then suddenly feeling your face fitting into under arms of person on side and taking in the all with your next breath, changing face and you meet eyes of the person who you are not sure is pushing his butt for his support or is the person who just smelled your armpits, or is the one looking for the seat available at next stop or is actually person inclined to get off at next stop, but you shift your eyes and meet another glare, and you shift your hands from left to right to hold on to support and say silently 'i'm sorry' and at the same time say 'why don't you get out of here man', suddenly you are aware of your wallet in back pocket, but are relieved because there is enough closeness here to keep you constantly feel that it is secured and then you check that the cell phone in front pocket is as secured with it entangled with a pushing leg, suddenly you feel a drop of perspiration trickling down from you back of head and entering your back and trying to reach downwards but its path is suddenly broken by a dead end board put up by an adjacent hand hitting your back that you don't even feel any pain, but then there is flood oozing out from head and face and sweat dropping down and you don't care where it is coming from and where does it go from there, because you are busy smelling a mixture of odors of drunken mouths and tobacco smoke and you try to cough, but suddenly feel that you need to change your leg position and move from supporting your body on your right leg now,this is what happens in daily bus service, then any new entry at any bus stop, even stoppage, is despised, sometimes silently and many times verbally or physically.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've a cousin. She is 9years old and is very irritating specially with me. Like I'm thorn who pinches her whenever we are together. I'm not sure why but disturbing me with her socks when I'm having lunch or talking damn irritatingly for no reason and that's how my afternoon goes. But one day rather night, I got a dream or call it nightmare, where I'm in front of cousin's mother and I've to tell her that her daughter is dead. This woke me literally from all senses and I was waiting to hug my cousin sister as I met her and now let her irritate me or do anything, but I'm keeping myself at peace. Its all truce. But I was taken aback that how disturbing thought could be. Mind is amazing piece and not at peace.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I am 60, AM I?

"I just noticed a fact that i am turning 60. But nobody seems to notice. Everyone is busy on his/her own ride of life. No one has to time to think about how i feel to be 60. They seem to walk past, ignoring me. As if I'm nobody. They don't think i exist anymore. Or of i do exist, be it like any other thing. No one cares how it feels to be free, because no one is free. They are tied up in their own life, own travel, own living, own future, own siblings, own plans, own enjoyment, own tears, own sadness, own romanticism, own hatred, own guilt, own poverty, own richness, own happiness, own laughter. No body cares that i exist, that i exist for them, that their tears falls on me, their blood falls on me, their dancing legs step on me, their bodies rest inside me, their laughter, their sadness, their richness, their poverty all belongs to me.
No body cares that I, INDEPENDENT INDIA is turning 60."