Thursday, October 20, 2005

slow or something

speaking so slow
as if i was like a marsh mellow
and my face was yellow
with taking a bow

moving so slow
as if i've something to borrow
but nothing to get me thorough
as if this was moment to be
but nothing could set me free
as if nothing made sense to me

FEAR - dreaded four letter word in new society

Dreaded four letter word

Rape - Sometime back a lady newspaper columnist from bombay had remarked that how easily people use this word without realising the meaning of this word in its true sense.
i would like to know how would she react now when the word is in use in its true sense and rather more frequently than any other word would come to mouth. Be it any talk or news and not just television.
1 week and three bombay policemen caught in act live. Haryana reports says father caught molesting his own daughter for 3 months, Delhi report says minor raped in bus.

Hello world, suddenly somebody thrust open male power or such brutal power or what has happened. What has gone into this new criminal psychosis. Is it just a brutal show of male power or just intense power of lust and vigor or as sainiks say urged by women, rubbish. On one hand is to resolve this mystery of male criminal psychosis, on the other hand is the sufferings of deceased and fear of being future target. Fear of calling any male as bhaiyya or uncle or even real brother or real father. If dowry deaths were not enough this huge fear of being molested anywhere, train, bus, taxi, auto, own home, office, staircase, lake, beach, mountain; would just creep in any doing in daily life as one never knows what's in store on the next moment. though the cases coming in public view are generally coming from backward or poor community but i have serious doubts if any cases from so called higher strata get reported as they might die down with settlements as others cases i guess. The major problem i feel is how can such people survive not just the justice or eye of people but in their own eyes or conscience or does everything dies altogether and only so called beast survives.

an image pops up where a lady with 10 or more hands covered in her blood is covering her own self as there is nothing else to protect her now, wish the mythological figures come true with same 10 hands able to rebel and protect as well as act when needed.
it leads to another argument as why not jsut have a maternal society but looking at current statistics and killings on girl child, this seems impossible. the pictuer of a body of a girl child flowing in canal in front of my own eyes is still active in mind and speaks again and again but those cries are never heard.

New ad jingle fits in fine here.... "Jago India Jago, ye waqt hai humara!!"

Again i've the questions and asking for answers, How would we move ahead to curb this menace of stark naked brutal show of male source of power and simultaneously getting the fear out for living.
As The damage is IRREVERSIBLE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Save everyone, Walk for everything

Everyday we have been hearing posters, news items, advertisements in TV, media or live for Save Tiger, Save Environment, Save Kashmir, Save Beaches, Save Olive Ridleys Turtles, Save Vultures, Save Sparrows, Save Iraq, Save Culture, Save Air, Save Water, Save Afghanisan, Save Democracy, Save Society, Save Amazon, Save Forests, Save Mines, Save Narmada, Save Ganges, Save Yamuna, Save Saraswati, Save Dolphins, Save Whales, Save Blood, Save Eyes, Save Tribes, Save People. Are we not saving everything? Something , someone, somewhere at sometime is in danger for sure.

If this is not enough there are Walks for everything, Walk for Life, Walk for Diabetes, Walk for AIDS, Walk for Earthquakes, Walk for Old Age, Walk fro Cancer, Walk for Alzheimers, Walk for yourself.

Then we have Runs, Marathons for the same. We have extempores, seminars for everything. The world is not enough here. Today i came across one advertisement which called for Blowing Horns, Pushin Door Bells, Shouting or making some noise at 11:00am for AIDS awareness. Well what about some more noise making for all above things.

Well there is nothing against any initiative but it seems like we are doomed, dooms day is nearby and we are making frantic attempts to delay the same but at same time, paradoxically inviting the same things through our workings and doings. We are frantically making hodge podge efforts to save something. Well i feel its simply about delaying the end. But the ways adopted have to be of full awareness. A walk or banner to Save Tiger in delhi newspaper would fall on deaf ears if villagers around forests do not get this awareness or Save the sparrow is totally mute campaign if we continue to make concrete jungles as fast as we are doing. (How long has it happened since you last saw the homely Sparrow?).
Can't we make people aware or more importanly educate and make aware the younger generation what to do right and how to do it right in daily life so that we have a delayed dooms day. The thing is one would walk for diabetes but would do wrong things to get Hepatitis. Or one would save plant new trees but throw his garbage on the beach. yes life has been so paradoxical and hypocrat, the ordeal is to lessen it to make it somwhat more comfortable, when we can do it by simplest of the means of education and simple awareness for the young minds.